If you learn God's stories,
you can learn God's ways
and then you experience
His abundant life

Matthew part 2. Clean or Dirty- Which is more powerful?

Part 2 of Matthew. Matthew had 'dirt' in his life. Jesus was clean because He was perfect. So could Jesus call Matthew to be on His team? Could Jesus eat with Matthew? Eat with Matthew's friends? Could we?


Jesus picks 12 men to follow Him closely, learn lots, be changed and then tell others about Him. Were they supermen? See for yourself as we learn about Matthew the tax collector. 

Too much?

Too much pressure in your life? Too much responsibilities? Job, home, relationships, money wiping you out? Strength gone? Jesus says...


Is God there?

If I win, is God with me? If I fail, is God gone? I don't feel like God is close, is He gone? From the March 22nd Sunday Story. 


OMG means what? When was the last time you had an OMG? Want one? From the March 15th Sunday Story.

David and Goliath
      (Overcoming the big problems in life)

   the story