Too much anger.
Too much fear.
It’s time for something better.



Who is welcome? You are. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, welcome. Young, old, married, single, welcome. Hearing spouses and friends? Born in America, born elsewhere. Welcome. Students? You too.  

Sunday, 10:30AM-12:07PM
203 NE 185th Seattle 98155
Childcare/ Children's programs provided by Shoreline Community Church.


We voice interpret when necessary. We have wheelchair access. Very few people here bite.

We’re NewHopeDeaf. We’re Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing. We’re black, brown and white. We’re old and young. Born in other countries and born in America. Different cultures. Different ways of living. Working together.

Jesus makes this happen. You’re invited to come see for yourself. 

Because of Jesus…
NewHopeDeaf is a place where underdogs win.
Where those who have been told, “You cant!”, do.
Where the marginalized earn their rightful seats at the table.

Because of Jesus…
We are an encouraging place,
A safe place to ask questions,
A place to get a hand up,
A place where trying is valued,
learning and growing are expected.

Because of Jesus…
We will celebrate your victories,
And we’ll hurt with you for defeats,
But neither victories nor defeats define you.
Jesus does.
Jesus does.

And at New HopeDeaf, we’re all about following Jesus, living fully and passing it on.