Look around
at yourself and your world.
Are you satisfied?
Think God is satisfied?
Wish there was more?



Who is welcome? You are. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, welcome. Young, old, married, single, welcome. Hearing spouses and friends? Born in America, born elsewhere. Welcome. Students? You too.  

Sunday, 10:30AM-12:07PM
203 NE 185th Seattle 98155
Childcare/ Children's programs provided by Shoreline Community Church.


We voice interpret when necessary. We have wheelchair access. Very few people here bite.

NewHopeDeaf lives for three reasons: Follow Jesus. Live Fully. Pass it on.

Heads up that we are not doing Thanksgiving dinner together this Sunday. This year we decided people would invite others to their homes.

A different kind of church

We come from different countries, different languages, different cultures. Jesus called us together. Jesus is building a community where people really care for each other, really support each other. Jesus is building people by changing their lives. 


Yes, we have real problems. But anyone getting tired of all the yelling and no listening? 

Wish there was something better?

How many hours on our phones and computers? How many of us wish we had real friends? How many of us wish we had a community that really cared about us?

Wish there was something better?


Connect with the God who loves  you. Connect with people who want you to succeed. Connect with a community committed to building. 

We're NewHopeDeaf, and you're invited. 

We're not perfect. We make lots of mistakes. God is still growing us. We ask His forgiveness, We ask others forgiveness, and we forgive them too. We learn. We grow. 

Interested? See for yourself. No one will pressure you or force you. See for yourself what God is doing with us.

Want to be a part of a community that's building?