Look around
at yourself and your world.
Are you satisfied?
Think God is satisfied?
Wish there was more?



Who is welcome? You are. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, welcome. Young, old, married, single, welcome. Hearing spouses and friends? Born in America, born elsewhere. Welcome. Students? You too.  

Sunday, 10:30AM-12:07PM
203 NE 185th Seattle 98155
Childcare/ Children's programs provided by Shoreline Community Church.


We voice interpret when necessary. We have wheelchair access. Very few people here bite.

NewHopeDeaf exists for three reasons: Follow Jesus. Live Fully. Pass it on.
Interested? Come walk with us.

A 24/6/313 church

24/7/365 means 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What about churches?

Many churches are 2/1/52 churches. Come for 2 hours, once a week, 52 times a year. Sunday church service was where you met God and got filled up for the week. We were like that too. The problem? 

Many of us went flat during the week. We didn't shine Jesus. We didn't see God doing things during the week. 

We believe God wants to talk with His people during the week. At work, At home. God wants to bring life to our families and friends, to our community. Sunday mornings should help people walk with God the rest of the week. We call it 24/6/313.

Interested? Come see for yourself. 

Here's a song video that explains a bit about what we mean. 

What's up now?

OK, Christian. Feel like the Bunny on Tuesday? Friday? Monday?? Losing air?

Most of us recharge our cell phones everyday. Some of us more than once a day. What about our souls?

On Sundays we're learning together how people can connect with God during the week. 

God makes each of us differently. Some connect with God when alone. Some by doing...

We're finding the answers together. Interested? Come learn with us.