Who's More Important?


We continue our story from Acts 16. Almost 2,000 years ago, Paul and Silas were traveling, telling people the good news about Jesus. Some people in a town got mad at them for freeing a slave from a demon. The authorities arrested Paul and Silas and beat them. Then they chained Paul and Silas in a jail for the night. What were Paul and Silas doing at midnight? Singing songs to God and praying.

At midnight a strong earthquake hit the jail. All the chains came off and the jail doors opened. The jailer was scared to death. Why? Long ago in that culture, if a jailer let bad prisoners escape, the jailer would be killed. They jailer thought Paul and Silas would run away, that he, the jailer, would be executed, and that his family would suffer. The jailer pulled out a sword and was about to kill himself to save his family.

Paul tells him to stop. We’re all here! Don’t hurt yourself! The jailer comes down and asks Paul how to be saved. Paul makes it clear Jesus was there for the jailer and his family too. The jailer brought Paul and Silas to his family. Paul explained the good news about Jesus. Everyone decided to follow Jesus. They got baptized that night.

Paul and Silas had faithfully followed God. It blew up on them. They kept trusting God, singing and praying even at midnight after they were beaten. They knew God has a bigger plan. Other people, including the jailer saw their faith and love for God, even after being beaten. The probably heard Paul and Silas still asking God to help them tell others about Jesus.

So Paul, God, other people… who was more important to Paul? God was most important. Then the jailer and his family, then Paul. The same was true for Silas. If you’re not following Jesus, how would you like that kind of love in your heart? If you are a Christian, is that love showing through you?