Singing at Midnight


From last week we learned that Paul and Silas did what God told them to do and ended up beaten and in jail. That’s in the Book of Acts, chapter 16, Now they are in jail. It’s about midnight. What would you be doing? Wishing you had never come here? Mad at God? Mad at yourself? Mad at the friend who came with you? Depressed?

Not for Paul and Silas. They were praying and singing songs to God. Singing at midnight. How could they do that?

They knew God was still in control. They knew they were blessed if they were punished for doing the right thing. Yes their bodies hurt, but they put their focus on God, not the jail and not their injuries.

We all have ‘midnights’. Those are dark times in our lives where everything seems to be wrong. Paul and Silas kept their focus on God. They remembered how powerful and faithful God is. They trusted Jesus.

Paul and Silas sang at midnight. What about you?