How many jobs can you think of? Construction worker. Doctor. Parent. Child. Cook. Electrician. Child care. Many, many more. Each has some importance. In Matthew 5:9 we read about a very special job. This job is very close to God’s heart: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

What’s a peacemaker? The word means to join things together. Tying two pieces of rope together. Gluing pieces of wood together. Here it means bringing enemies together so they don’t hate each other anymore. Peace means more than “no war”. It means open sharing and caring for each other.

Making peace is so important to God that peacemakers are called His children.

Look at Jesus. People dishonor and fight against God. They are enemies and God will punish them. Jesus made peace between God and people. Jesus took our punishment. Jesus takes away our dishonor. He make peace. God then gives us honor.

Are you a peacemaker?