They are blessed whose thoughts are pure, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8

How often do we do the right thing for the wrong reason? Some examples from our people on Sunday? A man opens a door for a woman so he can check her out. A woman agrees to go out on a date for the free meal. We give a gift so we can both use it. We do something nice for someone so they will owe us.

Most times we think we can fool other people. They won’t see our real reason. Does this work with God? Can we fool God?

How to get that pure heart? It starts with Jesus cleaning you. Then we depend on His Spirit in us to live right. We know ‘one face’ is important. We spend time in God’s word. We spend time with God’s people who can build us up, give us good examples and who love us enough to correct us when we go wrong.

The blessing from a pure heart? Seeing God.

What are your thoughts this week?