“They are blessed who realize their spiritual poverty,  for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.
 They are blessed who grieve,  for God will comfort them.
 They are blessed who are humble,  for the whole earth will be theirs. Matthew 5:3-5

Making a cake? 1: mix ingredients in the bowl. 2. Bake in the oven. 3. Frost the cake! Building a house? 1. Put in the foundation. 2. Put up walls and roof. 3. Paint! That’s the way it works.

Following Jesus? We understand we are wrong, Jesus is right. We are weak, Jesus is strong. We can’t. He can. We are spiritually poor. That’s 1.

Then we understand more and more just how shameful our actions have been. Jesus’ ways and our ways are so different. We feel badly for what we’ve done. That’s step 2.

Next is how we treat others. We were wrong, we were shameful. How do we treat others? Are we proud and cruel? Are we humble? Do we act better than others? Are we humble because we know Jesus so kindly and graciously forgave us?