What means "humble", pt 2


They were an amazing family. Over 3,300 years ago, God chose Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. Aaron became their first High Priest. Miriam was a prophet. But they weren’t always a happy family.

Moses married a second time. Probably his first wife died. Moses married a woman from a country called Cush. Cush was in Africa. The wife was probably black and not born an Israelite. Miriam led Aaron and they started talking against Moses. They said God honored them the same as Moses, and they should have the same authority as Moses. Honestly, maybe more. They were dishonoring Moses and trying to take power.

Numbers 12:3 says, “Now Moses was very humble. He was the least proud person on earth.” So what did Moses do about this challenge? Nothing.

God called all three to the Tent of Meeting. God told Miriam and Aaron that He, God, communicated through dreams and visions to prophets. He talked face to face with Moses. God said He trusted Moses to lead His people. He said Miriam and Aaron were wrong to attack Moses, and that they should be “very afraid”.

God left the tent. Aaron looked at his sister, Miriam. Her skin turned white! It was probably leprosy. That meant Miriam could no longer live with the Israelites. She would have to live outside the community. Aaron told Moses they had foolishly sinned. Please, Moses, ask God to heal her! Moses prayed, and God healed her.

Some questions to think about:

Was Moses doing his own plan or God’s plan?

Miriam and Aaron were dishonoring Moses. They were trying to take his power. Did Moses fight back? What did he do?

Who defended Moses’ honor and authority?

When God punished Miriam, Aaron asked Moses to pray for her. Moses did and God healed her. Would you do the same for someone attacking you?