What means 'humble', pt 4

jesus rejected.jpg

We live in an ‘outrage culture’. Outrage over being disrespected. Outrage over a cultural insult. Outrage over losing honor or losing face.

What about Jesus?

Jesus came from heaven. He made the sun, moon, stars and earth. He was rightfully king. Almost no one gave Jesus honor for that. Many questioned Him. Some openly insulted him. Some tried again and again to shame Him in front of others. Some planned to kill Him. He was wrongly arrested, wrongly tried, wrongly killed. Some even mocked Jesus when He was dying.

How many big insults? How many microaggressions?

Most people get their face, their honor, from other people. Jesus got His from God. People could not take what God gave Him. Jesus’ big desire was to honor God. That meant loving people. Even when they were evil to him. Humble.

Where does your honor, your face, come from? What do you get outraged about?

Would Jesus do that?