Mt. 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.


Suppose a very good friend just died. You find out, and you feel bad. You mourn. Suppose you do something wrong and people find out. You feel shame, You feel bad. You mourn.

Jesus says His people who mourn are blessed. Huh? Last week we learned that people with a poor spirit are blessed. Those people know they need God. God honors them through Jesus. What happens when we realize how wrong or dishonorable we’ve been? We feel bad. We mourn. God will comfort us. He tells us that He’s adopted us. He gives us honor through Jesus. He gives us forgiveness through Jesus.

God’s comfort is a special blessing to us. It’s OK to feel bad when you understand how much you’ve failed. But don’t stay there. Remember God has adopted you into his family. Let that comfort you. Let God comfort you. And thank Jesus for making that possible.