What means "humble:"? part 1


We all know hot headed people. We’ve seen other people who are scared or believe they have no power. Often they accept anything and do anything they are told. What is humble? Clearly not the first. Is it the second?

We’re going to look at 2 humble people in the Bible. Moses in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament. We’ll look at their lives and find what humble means.

First, some background on Moses. You can find this story in the Bible book named Exodus, chapters 1-14. Moses was born about 2.350 years ago in Egypt. Pharaoh, what Egyptians called their kings, wanted all boys born to be killed. Moses’ older sister, Miriam, helped save Moses from death by floating him in a basket so he would be found by an Egyptian princess. The princess took Moses as her child and raised Moses as an Egyptian prince. Prince of Egypt! All that power. All the authority to tell people what to do. How proud would you be?

Later Moses would understand he was born of slaves. One day, when Moses was about 40 years old, he killed an Egyptian who was beating a Jewish slave. The next day he tried to stop a fight between Jews- one asked if Moses would kill him too! Moses ran away into the desert. For 40 years the mighty prince of Egypt lived as a shepherd caring for sheep. What happened to pride in those 40 years?

Now 80 years old, God appears to Moses and tells him to return to Egypt and tell Pharaoh, “Let My (God’s) people go.” After many struggles and much pain, Pharaoh gives up, and Moses leads God’s people into freedom.

But then one day…