Ready? Wise and Foolish from Matthew 25:1-13

One group is wise and ready. The other group is foolish and not ready. One group honors a bride and groom. The other group insults them. What can we learn for life in Seattle? More importantly, What can we learn for life with Jesus?

There’s no audio. Here’s the summary: Weddings in Jesus’ day were very different from most weddings here in America. They happened at night, and there were no street lights. The groom would go to the brides house. The grooms male friends would carry torches to light the way. When the got to the bride’s house, the groom and his friends and the bride and her friends would all go to the new house for the wedding and party. The brides friends, virgins, were responsible for carrying torches for bride’s group.

Carrying torches was a big honor. It showed honor to the bride and groom. 5 of the brides friends were ready with extra oil for the torches, 5 didn’t bring extra oil. The virgins lit their torches, but the groom was very late. When the groom and his friends showed up, all the torches needed more oil, but only 5 brought extra. Share? There wouldn’t be enough oil for 10 torches to burn long enough. All 10 would go out and that would be a big insult to the bride and groom. The 5 foolish weren’t ready. They had to go try and buy oil late at night. Too late.

The 5 foolish didn’t honor the bride and groom. They dishonored them. When the 5 foolish showed up late for the party, the groom cut them off. He shamed the 5 foolish.

So, are you ready? Ready for snow and ice in Seattle? More importantly, are you ready for Jesus to come again?